Finding the right real estate agent is the single most important factor in selling a home. Homeowners hoping to sell their home for its full market value must carefully choose their real estate agent. Read on for four ways to find the most trustworthy real estate agent.


1. Look for a Real Estate Agent with Experience


Just as one wouldn’t trust a med student with open heart surgery, homeowners shouldn’t trust the selling of their home to a real estate agent with little to no experience. A true real estate expert is one that uses their expertise and network of clients to get homeowners the best possible price for their home. Choosing someone with over four years of experience is a good way to find the most seasoned agent.


2. Find a Real Estate Agent with Incredible Marketing Skills


A key component to selling a home is the marketing efforts made by the real estate agent. In order to find the best buyers in today’s market, homeowners need a real estate agent that is tech-savvy and relatable. An agent that is aggressive about promoting with social media, email blasts and in-person networking is a homeowner’s best bet at getting the price they deserve.


3. Identify Agent’s that are Familiar with the Market


Finding the best real estate agent is dependent on their knowledge of the market. Real estate agents that are very familiar with a homeowner’s particular community will be able to sell the home in a way that no one else can. By having an intimate knowledge of the surrounding neighborhood and by being familiar with the neighbors themselves, these top-tier real estate agents are able to win buyers over with their knowledge of the market.


4. Opt for an Agent that is Readily Available


Though real estate agents are busy people, the right ones are readily available when their clients need them. Homeowners looking to sell their home should choose a real estate agent that dedicates their time and effort to meet their needs, regardless of how many clients that agent currently has. An agent that is rarely in contact and fails to thoroughly answer a homeowner’s questions isn’t one that will be able to deliver results.


Selling a home is far from a simple process. However, the process is made easier when homeowners choose the right real estate agent for the job. Keep these four tips in mind when on the hunt for the perfect real estate agent.