Updating rooms or tackling renovation projects in the home can improve its overall appearance as well as the value of the property. When it comes to renovations, there are certain areas of the home that are more popular. Undertaking renovation projects in these areas can help homeowners boost the value of their home, align the interior aesthetics, and make the house feel more unique and personalized.



Renovations and remodels are planned and executed in order to increase the value of a home, and the kitchen is a hot spot for value. That is part of the reason why kitchens are at the top of the list when it comes to renovation targets. Kitchens are hubs for family activity, and they can also establish the aesthetic of the home as a whole. Choosing aspects like dark furniture, consistent flooring, or light paint for the walls can help you settle on a theme for the surrounding rooms, as well. Renovations such as cabinet upgrades or countertop embellishments can improve the way your kitchen looks and functions.



Homes with multiple bathrooms are especially subject to renovations. The master bathroom is less frequently renovated, but homeowners can upgrade their bathtubs for added luxury or revamp the flooring for a clean and polished look. More commonly renovated are guest bathrooms as well as powder rooms. For homeowners remodeling with resale in mind, guest bathrooms are a popular choice as they, as well as kitchens, tend to add more value to a home. Renovations may include upgrading sinks, faucets, and other features or even replacing a tub with a standing shower. 


Living Room

Typically one of the largest rooms in a house, the living room is another popular area for renovations. A common renovation, especially in older homes, entails making the space more open concept; in essence, this means opening up the living room to the kitchen to make the space more suitable for entertaining. Keeping styles consistent in terms of aesthetic is also a focus of living room renovations, especially to keep the aesthetic cohesive through the living room, kitchen, and any adjacent rooms or hallways.