Not all leaders follow the same playbook. On the contrary, different leaders have different skills and thus employ different leadership styles. However, when done well, they all have the same result – success.


1. Democratic Leadership

This kind of leader leads via balanced debate. They want to encourage interaction between team members in the office and discussion in the boardroom. A democratic leader wants to hear all sides of an argument and put it up to a vote. They may listen to their team if they are strongly outvoted, but they are still the final decider on issues of particular importance.


2. Autocratic Leadership

This is the exact opposite – what they say is law, full stop. On the one hand, this may make team members’ instructions clearer, but on the other hand, it also makes for a harsh and often negative work environment. After all, who wants to work for a tyrant? In the end, this style rarely works out, especially among younger companies and workers.


3. Laissez-Faire Leadership

This is the opposite of autocratic leadership. It’s a hands-off approach, and it often works better with younger startups with lots of online action. Workers who work online don’t like feeling like they’re being “watched” all the time. A more hands-off approach can give them more freedom to do their work, which in turn can allow them to feel more positively toward the company.


4. Coach Leadership

This form of leadership works best when you have an experienced hand who other workers can respect. Importantly, sports coaching has evolved in recent decades, as has this leadership style. These days, the most successful coaches aren’t those who bark orders like a drill sergeant. Instead, they command order and respect while still connecting with and respecting their players. Coach leadership works the same way.

Matching the right leadership style to your employees can help motivate and focus them. Just as a good coach is essential to a winning team, a quality leader is necessary for your business to succeed, and that means finding the leadership style that works for you.