Whether to live in the city or suburbs depends entirely on your budget and preferences. As with all things in life, there are advantages or living in the city, but dwelling in the suburbs has its benefits as well, so let’s get started.


We all know there are three different kinds of areas you can live in: urban, suburban, and rural. While you’re pretty sure that the differences between suburban, rural, and urban living were outlined in second-grade social studies, that was like 90 years ago, so let’s go over some.


When describing what it’s like to live in a rural area, it’s like living in the stick or the country. This type of living is ideal for those who do not prefer crowds. Rural areas generally have small, self-sustaining populations.


Urban living is city living: active nightlife, full of noise, sophisticated public transit system, and sometimes small and expensive city apartments. Some people find the urban life-threatening while others think it’s stimulating. Urban areas tend to be densely populated and have more intense traffic and pollution as a result.


For those seeking an intermediary between urban and rural living, the suburbs might just be something you would consider. Suburbs are large residential areas away from the core of town yet close enough to the city center. Single-family houses are typically found in the suburbs whereas multi-family apartment buildings and condos are characteristics of urban living.


Can you afford to live in the city?


Choosing whether to live in the city or the suburbs is often a matter of budget where. You must ask yourself, where can I afford to live? By and large, living the city is more expensive than living in the suburbs, though that’s not always the case.


Your lifestyle influences your happiness in the city or suburbs


For someone who enjoys five-star restaurants, vibrant nightlife, glamorous boutiques, and fast-paced living, residing in an urban hub is a dream come true. On the other hand, if you find crowds and tons of noise overwhelming, then a large city might feel like purgatory.