Increasing the amount of living space without breaking the bank can be a tremendous challenge. One of the best ways to do go about creating more living space without bursting the budget is by renovating and finishing the basement. It is important when approaching a basement renovation to not hold back on the amount of materials that are necessary; though you may want to adhere to a strict budget, it is more important to account for the necessary materials and renovations than cut back on costs.


Basements can be extremely vulnerable to the amount of stress that is put on them due to moisture. The following tips can prove to be useful when working to renovate a basement.


Checking for cracks in both the walls and floors should be a top priority when getting started with the renovation. If any cracks are found, promptly take care of them with a high quality carbon fiber crack repair solution. This type of carbon solution is known to be stronger than even steel and can help with bowed walls, as well. Ensuring that all structural issues are taken care of should be the first step before tackling and other steps in the renovation.


Adding a subfloor is another critical element in creating the perfect living space in any basement renovation. This helps to create a much more insulated room. When not properly insulated, basements can create a damp and cool space which is less than ideal for additional bedrooms or entertaining spaces. Subflooring will help to bring a much more warm and comfortable living space.


When starting on the renovation project, do not build directly on top of the concrete slab. Basement moisture can be a real problem when construction occurs directly on top of the concrete slab. One of the most critical pieces of advice to prevent any type of moisture is to make sure that there is sufficient air circulation; this step is designed to ensure that mildew does not build up in the basement. Ventilation methods such as windows are absolutely necessary. Other ventilation methods such as air ducts, fans, and vents also can play an integral role in helping to provide the proper circulation for the living space.


Including a proper drainage system is absolutely necessary in the case of adverse weather. Most homes have a main floor drain that is already built in, but you will likely need to explore other options when it comes to basement renovations.


The basement is often a great space to optimize for storage as well as additional living space. Before undergoing this project, you must take the appropriate actions to ensure the space will be habitable and safe.