Real estate investment isn’t easy, but it’s also well trod territory. Whether you’re new to the market or a grizzled veteran, there are sure to be plenty of tricks you have yet to discover, and there are possibly more resources available to you than ever before. Podcasts can be a great way to sharpen your skills and improve your potential as an investor. Here are ten of the best available today.


1. The Real Estate Guys


Listeners looking for something light and breezy that will provide them with information but also entertain them on the morning commute should enjoy the Real Estate Guys. Despite the professional background of hosts Russell Gray and Robert Helms, they deliver their content in a way that’s easy to digest even for those fresh to the industry.


2. The Michael Blank


Blank has spent his career focusing on multi-family homes, and his show focuses on apartment properties, providing people with the advice they need to get debt free in the industry regardless of their financial situation.


3. The LandGeek


If you’re interested in speculating in land rather than built properties, the LandGeek is right up your alley. Host Mark Podolsky is accompanied by a murderer’s row of professional investor guests.


4. Forever Cash


While few investors will be as lucky as millionaire Jack Bosch, this podcast that he hosts with his wife breaks down the method behind his process in excruciating detail and provides a fascinating look into how well things can go when luck and perseverance work hand in hand.


5. Rental Rookie


Like the Michael Blank, the Rental Rookie focuses on investors looking to put their money into apartment properties, but host Emily Du Plessis takes an approach more squarely directed at fresh investors.


6. The Best Ever Show


Rather than focus on the personal journey or experience of a host, the Best Show Ever opts instead for an interview-driven structure that digs into the minds of the world’s most successful investors.


7. Epic Real Estate


Epic Real Estate is about making money fast, and the tips and advice offered by host Matt Theriault center around objectives that can be achieved within a window of ten years or less.


8. The Commercial Real Estate Show


Residential real estate gets a lot more coverage than commercial real estate in the world of podcasts, but the Commercial Real Estate Show is one of the best options around if you’re looking to dive into the world of business real estate investment.


9. FlipNerd


A focused and detailed perspective is the name of the game with FlipNerd. As a spin-off of the popular investment site, this podcast spends each episode delving deep into one specific subject and thoroughly investigating.


10. Rental Income Podcast


Dan Lane’s show squares its attention on how real estate can earn passive income and invites a variety of successful landlords in front of the mic to discuss their own experiences in the market.