Canada is an enormous country; in fact, it makes up more than 6% of the surface of the Earth. This is great news for those dreaming of building residential, commercial, or other kinds of properties. The place to start is with the land. This information will help guide in selecting a plot and taking the first steps to a Canadian self-built house.


Who is Eligible?

In the true style of Canada, people from all countries are welcome to buy homes and land in this country. In fact, in some areas, free land is given away to those who will develop it. The first step for anyone is to source a perfect plot.


Building Options

When looking to build a property in Canada, people have several options. First, one can purchase the land, employ an architect to design the property, and finally, have a builder finish the process. This results in the building one desires, precisely as one desires. Another option for those looking to buy land and build a home on top of it is to buy from a developer. This is known as buying off-plan. One is restricted to certain property sizes and designs, but added features can be chosen along with fixtures and fittings.


Finding the Land

First, one has to decide on which corner of this sprawling country to live in. Then, they must contact a real estate agent and a land agent to tell them what is sought. One can also search for land on Kijiji, Land Sale Listings, and Land Watch. Try getting in touch with property developers who might be willing to sell a plot and build the property there.


Factors to Consider

The location of a plot is important to consider. What view one will have, the amenities that are nearby, and other adjacent features can impact the value of the land. Buyers may want to consider nearby properties such as farmland as well as flight paths that cross over the property. If the property is rural, consider how to access it and how building materials will need to be delivered. Check if the land is suitable for building. Is it possible to get a building permit? This is important to know before setting one’s heart on a plot.