Data from real estate sales shows that homes listed during the winter take longer to sell and sell for a lower price. However, this does not necessarily mean one should put off selling their home until late spring. Selling a home during the winter can still be very effective because the buyers who come to look at a home will be serious about purchasing it instead of just browsing for their own entertainment. People relocating for work, looking to spend a big end-of-year bonus, or new parents who need a larger home, may be excited to get a house during the winter. Here are a few things sellers can do to help their home sell easier during the winter.

Add Plenty of Light

Natural light is one of the seller’s key methods for making their home look welcoming, fresh, and appealing. In the winter, this might not always be an option, so people need to add a few extra lights if possible. Tucking lamps into dark corners instead of just relying on a dingy ceiling light will make sure potential buyers can see all the charm of a home.

Keep Things Comfortable

Keep the heat on and simmer some hot cocoa or warm apple cider in the kitchen during open houses and showings. This will make buyers feel instantly comfortable and warm as soon as they step in out of the cold, and that feeling of coziness can encourage people to buy.

Winterproof the House

Selling a home in the winter gives sellers the chance to show just how snug and well-made their home is. Check for any water leaking or drafts and repair these issues before buyers come by. Outside, shovel a pathway and sprinkle salt on sidewalks to make your yard seem appealing.

Create a Holiday Mood

Staging a home for the winter season is all about making it look festive and cheery. Add warm pops of color with red throw pillows or vases filled with berries. Do not be afraid to wrap twinkling lights around porch railings, put a garland over a mantel, or play some holiday music softly in the background. Just stick to non-religious decor to ensure all buyers feel welcome.